Non NHS Services Fees


Do you accept card payment?

We do not accept card payment. Cash or cheque payments only. 

How long do private services take?

Please allow up to 10 working days before you contact the practice. Please note, we will contact you when your documents are ready to collect. 

How do I book a Private Medical?

Payment will be payable at booking. You must ensure that you bring all relevant paper work to your appointment. We recommend Private Medicals are pre-booked 4-6 weeks in advance due to the time slot of 1 hour that is required. The Practice cannot be held responsible if we are unable to arrange an appointmnt within the needed time scale. In these cases, you may wish to seek a private medical service. 

Do you offer Private Vaccinations?

No we do not offer Private Vaccinations. 

What if i need additional information adding?

Should you require any further information, there may be additional charges. 

Private and/or Non NHS Fees

Charges are in line with BMA Guidance and DVLA Fees

Updated - September 2020

Medical Certificates and Letters                                     Fee Payable

Straight Forward Certificates, Letter and Statement of fact (To whom it may concern e.g Housing)


Private Medical Certificates (Standard without examination for fitness to travel, exercise, private sick note, freedom of infection)


Private Medical Certificates (Complex without examination)


Private Referral Letter (Available within 10 working days)


Insurance Reports                                    

Private Medical Insurance Claim Forms 


Travel Insurance Claim Forms 


Medical Report on proforma (Without examination)


Written Medical Report (Written examination, providing detailed opinion and statement)


Supplementary questions for report

Forms and Medicals (Other)                                 

Buss Pass Forms


Blue Badge Report Only 


Child Minder Health Forms


Ofstead Forms


Police Employment Application Forms


Private Medical Examination


Private Blood Test

DVLA (Fees agreed between DVLA and BMA)                                   

Blood Test Only


VOC Certificate


DVLA Fitness to Drive Form


Taxis Medical


HGV Medical


PSV Medical 


DVLA Medical

Fostering and Adoption                                

Adoption and Fostering Form (Adult Health Report/Assessment)

Fee Determined locally 
Access to Medical Records (Subject Acces Request)                                   

Patient Online Services to access Full Medical Records


Excess request to Full Medical Records for duplicates

Up to £50.00