Telephone System Update


We’re excited to announce that the new and improved telephone system is now up and running!

The new system will inform patients of their position in the queue, avoid cut offs and aim to forward patients to the correct team, the first time.
The following structure to contact us is as below:
  • Ring (usual number)
  • Press 1 for Appointments
  • Press 2 for Prescriptions (Desk open 8-12pm and 2-5pm)
  • Press 3 for General queries and test results

You will be placed in a queue at busy periods and you will be informed where you are in the queue whilst waiting for a care navigator to answer your call.
Training for staff will be carried out over the next few days so we ask that you are patient during this time.
Please use the practice feedback and suggestions link if you experience any technical problems with the phone line. Link:
We hope that the new system will be of benefit to our patients and the practice, as we understand the frustrations caused by our old telephone system. Thank you for your patience whilst the engineers quickly installed the new service ;earlier this afternoon.