New Total Triage Booking System 1st July

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Select the below to launch the appointment request form. You are only able to request appointments during the times of 07.30am Monday to Friday. The practice is open from 08.00am. Please phone 111 if you need an appointment when the practice is closed. Please note if the GP needs to see you and you have a registered mobile you will be sent an SMS with appointment booking details. This appointment maybe for the same day or a routine appointment.  Your request will be dealt with within 48 hours. Please only contact the surgery if you have not had an outcome for your request within 48 hours. 



New Total Triage Booking System from 1st July 2024

We will be operating a total triage system, where every request for a GP appointment will be triaged by our GP team.  

To request a doctors appointment we are asking all our patients to use an online form where possible.  

If you find it difficult to use a computer or a smartphone, you can telephone our surgery on 01132951802 / 03 or attend in person and our care navigators will fill out the form on your behalf.  Our care navigators will not be able to book an appointment with a GP directly. Nursing or other appointments can still be booked in the same way.

Why are we changing our system to ‘Total Triage’ ?

At Colton and The Grange Medical Centre we have been trialling the new system for all our urgent requests over the past few months. Building on the success of this we plan to start “Total Triage” for all GP appointment requests.

What is Total Triage?

All requests for GP appointments will be assessed by our GP Team to consider if the matter is urgent or routine based on the information you provide. The triage GP will also consider if it is suitable to signpost you to an alternative service. If your request can be managed within the practice but without a GP appointment, you may be offered an appointment with a suitable health professional. Some requests may be dealt with by our admin team or information sent back to you.

For example, you may be signposted to a community optician, a prescribing pharmacist, physio or dentist rather than be offered an appointment with a GP. We have a wide range of services and different health professionals who may be more suitable to meet your needs rather than a GP.

Why Total Triage?

Triaging appointment requests in this way directs patients to the right service / practitioner often meaning that they are seen more quickly than waiting for a GP appointment. We also recognise the frustrations patients face trying to contact us on the phone or queuing before we open at 8am. The current ‘first come, first serve basis’ system does not allow for equitable access for all our patients.

We hope that this will improve patient care by ensuring that GP appointments are prioritised for the most complexed medical issues, continuity of care and seeing our most vulnerable patients.

How can I submit a request for a GP appointment to be triaged?

Patients can visit our website to complete an online request form. If you are unable to use online services, our care navigation team can assist you with your request by phone or in person.

You can submit a request from 7.30am Monday to Friday online and from 8am in person or the telephone.

How will you let me know you have reviewed my request and offer me an appointment?

Our GP team will assess if patients need a same day telephone or face to face appointment or can be offered a routine appointment. If your request is suitable for an online consultation, this can also be arranged.

Our care navigation team will send you a link to book a same day or routine appointment once your request has been triaged. They may contact you by phone or email depending on your preferred communication method. 

Have you engaged with patients about the new system?

Over the past few months, we have been trialling the new system for urgent requests once our same day appointments have been booked. Over 600 patients have trialled the new system either completing the request themselves or our care navigation team have completed it on their behalf. The feedback from patients has been very positive and they reported that it was simple to use.  Our GP team have also found it extremely useful to have information provided by patients to triage if their request is urgent or routine.

We have also held two patient engagement sessions from our patient participation group to gather patients views on our appointment system and a new triage system. Patients thought the new system would avoid the 8am rush and ‘first come first serve’ system.